Marston Ranch Jasper, also sometimes referred to as Marston Ranch Christmas Jasper, is a variety of jasper-replaced petrified wood. As one might expect, this jasper occurs only at the Marston Ranch in Jefferson County, Oregon. Jefferson County falls within the Ash Butte, a geologic formation that resulted from settling of volcanic ash along its sides. This environment is perfect for both jasper and petrified wood to form. The exact origins surrounding whether or not this is indeed jasper-replaced petrified wood or instead a type of jasper formed by a different mechanism is still hotly debated, but is becoming increasingly likely as research continues.

This jasper is characterized by its kaleidoscopic, chaotic patterns of red, green, yellow, brown, and white. Marston Ranch Jasper is often found in large sections, and takes polish nicely. These features are a recipe for premium, eye-catching display pieces. Their whirling patterns reveal a different interesting inclusion with every glance and are great conversation starters. Like other petrified wood specimens, this variety also makes astounding bookends, which elegantly cap any literary collection.