Gigantic 16.7" Dark Amethyst Heart On Metal Stand - Uruguay

We've had heart-shaped amethyst specimens before, but never even close to this scale. This is a huge amethyst crystal cluster that has been cut and polished into a heart shape. It's filled with spectacular, nearly gem-grade dark purple crystals, and displays beautifully on the provided custom metal stand.

This is one Valentine's Day gift that's not likely to be forgotten.

While Brazil to the north is a much more prolific producer of amethyst, the amethyst mined near Artigas, Uruguay tends to be much darker with higher quality crystals. We import out material directly from the mines in Uruguay allowing us to offer it at better retail prices than anyone else. We carry a large variety of geodes, amethyst clusters, and collector quality crystal formations.

Amethyst being mined in Uruguay from the hard volcanic rock.
Amethyst being mined in Uruguay from the hard volcanic rock.

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz (SiO2) and owes its violet color to natural irradiation, iron impurities, and the presence of trace elements, which result in complex crystal lattice substitutions. It’s considered a semi-precious gemstone, and just two centuries ago was considered to have a value on par with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The largest, and best known amethyst deposit occur in southern Brazil and Uruguay but many localities around the world produce an amazing variety of amethyst crystals and formations.

Quartz var. Amethyst
Artigas, Uruguay
16.7" wide, 16.7" tall, 22" tall on stand