2.2" Polished Agate Skull with Amethyst Crown

This is a gorgeous, 2.2" tall polished agate skull with an amethyst crown. This specimen has undergone intricate sculpting and polishing that left the agate in the shape of a skull. The agate and amethyst are naturally associated.

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz (SiO2) and owes its violet color to natural irradiation, iron impurities, and the presence of trace elements, which result in complex crystal lattice substitutions. It’s considered a semi-precious gemstone, and just two centuries ago was considered to have a value on par with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The largest and best known amethyst deposits occur in southern Brazil and Uruguay but many localities around the world produce an amazing variety of amethyst crystals and formations.

Agate is a variety of microcrystalline quartz (chalcedony) that displays translucence and in some cases banding. Agate primarily forms when silica-rich fluids fill pockets within rock and/or fossils, resulting in deposition of the silica along the walls of the rock. This process can result in banding patterns as the composition and impurities of the fluids change over time. These banding patterns can either form as flat layers or rounded layers, depending on the surfaces available for deposition.

Chalecedony var. Agate & Quartz var. Amethyst
2.2 x 1.6 x 1.25"