2.2" Pristine Dioptase Crystals on Quartz - Kimbedi, Congo

This is a phenomenal cluster of gemmy dioptase crystals on a quartz encrusted matrix, collected from the Kimbedi area of the Republic of the Congo. The entire specimen is 2.2" long and the crystals are a lustrous, deep emerald-green color. There are small spherical aggregations scattered throughout the specimen that are likely plancheite. There are also larger, colorless crystals peppered throughout the specimen that remain unidentified.

Under short wave UV, the matrix fluoresces a vibrant orange color.

Dioptase is an uncommon mineral found mostly in desert regions where it forms as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zone of copper sulfide mineral deposits. This copper based mineral forms small rhombohedral crystals, typically less than 0.75 cm in length.
It is popular with mineral collectors due to its vibrant color and it is occasionally cut into small emerald-like gems.

Dioptase, Quartz & Plancheite?
Kimbedi area, Mindouli District, Pool Department, Republic of the Congo
2.2 x 1.8"