2.25" Bright Yellow Wulfenite on Dolomite - Morocco

This specimen contains clusters of bright yellow, wafer-thin wulfenite on an oxidation-covered dolomite matrix. The reverse side is crusted with colorless dolomite. It was collected from near the city of Touissit in Morocco's Jerada Province. A beautiful specimen full of interesting contrasts!

Wulfenite is a lead-based molybdate mineral with a chemical formula Pb(MoO4). It forms as a secondary mineral in the oxidation zones of hydrothermal lead deposits, its color ranging anywhere between yellow to bright orange and red and occasionally brown. Typically forming as tabular, stubby, or pyramidal crystals, this unique mineral can be both brilliantly transparent and opaque.

While these crystals are safe to hold, due to the fact that they are lead-based we strongly recommend washing your hands after handling.

Wulfenite & Dolomite
Touissit, Touissit-Bou Beker mining district, Jerada Province, Morocco
2.25 x 2.2"