2.6" Very Fluorescent, Sodalite-Syenite Sphere - China

This is a gorgeous, 2.6" wide, hand-polished sphere of Sodalite-Syenite, collected from a mine in China. While having the same composition of Yooperlite, only specimens from Michigan can truly be considered Yooperlite. Sodalite-Syenite from China and Greenland look quite similar and exhibit phenomenal fluorescence. Under both short and long-wave UV, portions of this sphere fluoresce a vibrant yellow-orange-red. A photo of this sphere under UV light can be seen above.

Comes with the pictured display stand.

Sodalite-syenite is the underlying composition of the rock known as Yooperlite. However, Yooperlite only applies to sodalite-syenite found along the shores of the American Great Lakes. Most of the remaining fluorescent stones come from a few locations worldwide. China and Greenland are on the forefront of this market, but Namibia, Kazakhstan, Malawi, and the Czech Republic also produce exciting specimens. While sodalite and syenite individually are relatively common minerals, the glowing combination of the two are quite rare.

Regardless of the location, the fluorescence is produced by the same reaction of the fluorescent sodalite to UV light.
2.6" wide