3.15" Polished Black River Agate - San Rafael, Argentina

This is a beautiful, 3.15" wide polished nodule of Black River agate from Argentina. It shows off the characteristic beige, white, blue, and cream coloration. It has been cut flat and polished to a glossy finish on one side with the rest of the nodule left in rough form. This specimen exhibits the Wegeler effect.

Comes with an acrylic display stand.

The wegeler effect, also known as the shadow effect or parallax effect, is a three-dimensional oddity in which rotating the agate results in the appearance of lines that move. One line will move with the source of light while the other moves with your point of view. This occurs in agate that has tightly packed, alternating bright opaque bands and transparent bands.

Black River agate is a lesser known gem and mineral specimen from Argentina. Most specimens feature white, brown, blue, and beige banding, though colors and tones can vary into darker or lighter varieties. These agates have relatively subdued coloring for an agate from Argentina, but the contrasting colors make for an excellent separation between the swirling bands. The beauty of Black River agates increases with every pass of the eyes.

Experts estimate that these agates are Brazilian in origin, but were deposited by flooding and altered sea levels into Argentinian rivers. The current consensus is that agates from Argentina are Permian in age. They are a relatively new discovery, only known outside of Argentina since the early 1990s, along with Condor and Puma agates. All of the Argentinian agates makes wonderful additions to any mineral collection and Black River agates are no exception.

Chalcedony var. Agate
Entre Ríos Province, Argentina
3.15 x 2.7", up to 2.4" thick