3.3" Polished Seraphinite With Red Jasper - Siberia

This is a 3.3" wide, polished seraphinite and red jasper association that was collected from the Korshunovskoye Iron Skarn in Eastern Siberia. The chatoyant serpahinite formation contrasts nicely against the red and white jasper. This mineral association is quite rare, seldom will you see specimens like this on the market.

It comes with an acrylic display stand.

Seraphinite is a trade name for a particular, dark-green, feathery form of the mineral clinochlore. This material is mined exclusively from the Korshunovskoye iron skarn deposit in the Irkutskaya Oblast of Eastern Siberia. It apparently acquired its name due to its resemblance to feathers due to its chatoyancy. Seraphinite is named after the biblical seraphs or seraphim angels.

Jasper is an opaque (light doesn't pass through it) variety of chalcedony that has been colored due to various mineral inclusions in the stone. In the case of red jasper, the deep red color is most often attributed to iron inclusions. Red jasper is one of the most abundant varieties of jasper and is frequently found in association with large iron deposits.
Clinochlore var. Seraphinite & Chalcedony var. Jasper
Korshunovskoye Iron Skarn, Irkutskaya Oblast, Eastern Siberia
3.3 x 2.5", up to .82" thick