3.4" Faden Quartz and Epidote Association - Pakistan

This amazing faden quartz crystal cluster contains liquid and gas scars throughout the entire specimen, leaving the quartz with thread like inclusions. The quartz is associated with epidote crystals along the exterior and as inclusions within the crystal.

Faden quartz is typically found in mountainous regions, with Quetta and Northern Pakistan being the most well known deposits of these beautiful specimens. These quartz formations occurs between cracks in a host rock. The cracks in the rock expand with the crystals, occasionally causing ruptures within the crystal, from pressure. This causes the healing process to begin, giving rise to the branching off of parallel faden quartz crystals, which can be seen in the majority of our listed specimens.

Epidote is a green, silicate mineral that is commonly found in regionally metamorphosed rocks. It often forms lustrous, elongated and interconnected crystals that are highly coveted by collectors. While nearly all epidote is green it may take on many different shades and tones from yellowish to deep green.
Faden Quartz & Epidote
3.4 x 1.4"