3.4" Smoky Amethyst Crystal with Enhydro Inclusion - Diamond Hill

This is a beautifully formed and terminated smoky amethyst quartz crystal on matrix from Diamond Hill, South Carolina. An enhydro can be found within this large smoky crystal when viewing parallel to the flat face, adjacent to the tip. Well pronounced phantoms can be found within the crystal as well.

This specimens enhydro is easiest to view in person by locating the round air bubble that's about 3/4th's of an inch deep into the crystal, however, an arrow in the photo marks the location of the enhydro to assist locating the bubble in person. Once found, rotating the specimen will show the movement of the bubble within its small tube of multi-million year old water, surrounded by quartz.

The Diamond Hill Mine is located in the southern portion of the Appalachian Mountains in South Carolina. Erosion over millions of years exposed this 3-acre spot of mountain that produces some of the widest varieties of quartz variations in the world. Quartz variations such as amethyst, smoky, skeletal(elestial), milky, phantomed, iron and manganese oxide coated, and even aura quartz are know to have been deposited here through silica-rich hydrothermal processes. Other minerals including beryl, epidote, and garnet are known to come out of this location as well.
Quartz var. Smoky Amethyst
Diamond Hill, South Carolina
3.4" long, 2.5" wide