3.8" Pink Amethyst Geode Half - Very Sparkly Crystals

This is a beautiful find out of Argentina, featuring true pink amethyst crystals from the Choique Mine. It occurs in geodic formations or cavities lined with crystals. This is quite large for the geodes from this deposit at 3.8" across.

This listing is for one half of the cracked geode, the other half is for sale individually here.

This material has been analyzed at the California Institute of Technology and was described as "purplish pink amethystine quartz additionally coloured by microscopic hematite particles". They are not rose quartz or pink quartz as classically defined.

Pink amethyst is formed by the same processes that gives amethyst its purple color, but by definition amethyst is purple, not pink. Thus, we are left with a conundrum of what to call it! But since the majority of people seem to be calling it "pink amethyst", we will stick with that label.

Quartz var. Pink Amethyst
Choique Mine, Pehuenches, Neuquen, Argentina
3.8 x 3.8", 2.2" deep