4.3" Incredible, Polished Eudialyte Sphere - Kola Peninsula, Russia

This is an exceptional, vibrant purple/magenta, polished sphere made from eudialyte that was collected from the Kola Peninsula of Russia. The eudialyte crystals are naturally associated with small black sprays of aegirine, spots of calcite and surely a wide variety of additional minerals.

This sphere comes with the pictured acrylic display stand.

Eudialyte is an uncommon ore of zirconium which forms in alkaline igneous rocks, such as nepheline syenites. Eudialyte is as a minor gemstone, but this use is limited by its rarity, which is compounded by its poor crystal habit. Eudialyte's rarity makes locality useful in its identification. Prominent localities of eudialyte include Mont Saint-Hilaire in Canada, Kola Peninsula in Russia and Poços de Caldas in Brazil.

Eudialyte & Aegirine
Kola Peninsula, Apatite Region, Russia
Diameter: 4.3" wide