4.7" Chatoyant, Polished Amazonite Sphere - Madagascar

This is a gorgeous, 4.7" wide teal blue, polished
amazonite crystal sphere from Madagascar. The polish of the sphere really amplifies the color that this mineral displays. Areas of the sphere display some very noticeable chatoyancy and the color is darker than most of the amazonite from Madagascar.

Amazonite is a green variety of microcline feldspar that is the state mineral of Colorado. It has recently received a lot of attention for its prominence on the reality show, “Prospectors” which follows several groups of Colorado mineral miners. In fact, most of our amazonite is sourced from some of the prospectors on the show. High quality amazonite crystals are found at several locations in Colorado, often in vugs associated with smoky quartz.

The name comes from the Amazon River, where it was thought Amazonite was originally found, though it’s now thought doubtful that it occurs in the region. For years it was thought that the green color was due to copper content, but we now know that it’s due to very small quantities of lead present in the mineral.

Microcline var. Amazonite
4.7" wide