5.4" Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite Slice (355.6 grams) - Argentina

This is a 5.4" wide (355.6 grams) slice of an iron meteorite from the Campo del Cielo fall in Argentina. It has been nicely cut into a .2" thick slice and polished to a glossy finish across both cut faces.

It is accompanied by an acrylic display stand.

Campo del Cielo refers to a group of meteorites that were discovered within an 18.5 by 3 km area near Campo del Cielo Argentina. These meteorites were part of an approximately 300 ton meteorite fall that was believed to have occurred between 4000 - 5000 years ago. At least 26 craters have been discovered since their report to the general public in 1576, with approximately 100 tons of meteorite fragments having been recovered, the most of any meteorite find.

Iron type meteorites are often composed of iron and other metals, primarily nickel. These metallic meteorites are often the easiest to identify after millions of years post-impact, because they are quite different from the surrounding material, especially when it comes to their mass-to-surface area ratio. They are exceptionally heavy for their size as iron is one of the metals with a high density. Extraterrestrial iron and nickel are believed to be chunks of the cores of the planetary devastation that is now the asteroid belt.
Iron (IAB-MG)
Campo del Cielo, Argentina
5.4 x 3.6", .2" thick, Weight: 355.6 grams