5.6" Grape Agate From Indonesia - Dark Purple

This is a beautiful purple 5.6" wide grape agate specimen from Sulawesi, Indonesia. It shows a well defined, botryoidal structure with druzy crystals on most of the "grape". This piece has a flat bottom which allows it sit flat for display.

Grape agate is the name given to a purple, botryoidal form of Chalcedony found in the Batu Manakarra mining district on the Sulawesi Island of Indonesia. It forms in clusters that often resemble bunches of small grapes, and colors can range from pale to deep purple to green. Some specimens can be quite sparkly due to minute quartz crystal growing on the spheres. Grape Agate is a relatively new material on the market, first being exported from Indonesia around 2015.
Quartz var Chalcedony
Batu Manakarra Mining District, Sulawesi, Indonesia
5.6' wide, 4.2" tall, 200 grams