6.8" Twinned Calcite Crystal - Tennessee (Special Price)

This is a large, gemmy, golden twinned calcite crystal from the famous Elmwood Mine. The beautiful, double terminated crystal measures 6.8" long and has great luster. A small bit of matrix can be found branching off from the specimen, housing an aggregation of small calcite crystals.

The Elmwood Mine is a zinc mine in Carthage, Tennessee which opened in 1969, before being closed for many years, only to be reopened in 2010. It has produced many world class specimens of Fluorite, Calcite, Barite and Galena over the years. Specimens used to be plentiful as miners were allowed to recover specimens, but collecting is strictly prohibited by the new mine owners. They've gone to great lengths to prevent the mining of specimens, including blasting crystal pockets or filling them with slurry.

Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tennessee
6.8 x 5.6"