7.3" Polished Golden Picture Jasper Slab - Nevada

This is a gorgeous, 7.3" wide slab of a type of picture jasper found in Northern Humboldt County, Nevada. It features beautiful bands and swirls of golden jasper, with a layer of blue-grey sedimentary rock along one edge. Both sides of this specimen have been cut flat, with one face polished to a glossy finish.

It comes with an acrylic display stand.

Picture jasper is one of the most visually appealing varieties of cut jasper nodules in the world. This variety is characterized by its resemblance to a landscape painting, a stunning effect achieved during formation when various layers deposited in bands, often including dendritic, tree-like structures. Despite jasper’s usual iron-rich composition, most picture jasper lacks red pigmentation, usually trading iron for other inclusions. There are many varieties of picture jasper, each with its own look as defined by its formation location. These variations are often named after their locality, such as Biggs jasper and Bruneau jasper, from Oregon and Idaho, respectively.
Chalcedony var. Jasper
Northern Humboldt County, Nevada
7.3 x 2", up to .51" thick