7" Polished Morado Opal Section - Central Mexico

This is a 7" wide, polished section of morado (purple) opal that was collected from Mexico. One face has been polished to a glossy finish and one edge has been cut flat for presentation purposes.

Morado opal, also known as purple opal or opal royale, is a variety of common opal found in central Mexico. Morado means "purple" in Spanish, hence the name. Unlike rarer opals it does not exhibit color play (opalescence). The purple coloration is due to tiny fluorite inclusions within the silica and these inclusions can cause some morado opal to exhibit a blue to violet fluorescence under a shortwave UV light.

Amorphous Quartz (Common Opal)
Central Mexico
7 x 3.2", up to 1.35" thick