8.4" Cady Mountain Plume Agate Slab - California

This is a gorgeous slab of Cady Mountain Plume Agate that was collected from the Cady Mountains in the Mojave Desert of San Bernadino County, California. It is polished to a mirror-finish on one side and features fascinating and colorful agate formations. There are pockets of red, white and white-blue agate, some of which contain druzy quartz crystal and botryoidal agate lined cavities.

It comes with an acrylic display stand.

The Cady Mountains of San Bernadino County, California are home to a variety of different agate formations. These agates often contain inclusions and present themselves in a wide variety of formations including plume, tube, iris, moss, sagenite, and fortification agate. Often displaying vibrant coloration, these mineral included agates are highly sought after and in many cases are bright red in color. These mountains also include a wide variety of jaspers, as well as some spots that contain fluorite, calcites, and some zeolites.
Quartz var. Agate
Cady Mountains, San Bernadino County, California
8.4 x 6.3", .32" thick