8.4" Fluorescent, Polished Wyoming Youngite Slab - Wyoming

This is a 8.4" wide polished slab of Youngite that was collected near Guernsey in Platte County, Wyoming. Youngite is a brecciated jasper that is often found encrusted in chalcedony. Under shortwave UV, this agate fluoresces vibrant green. A photo of this specimen under shortwave UV can be seen above.

Youngite refers to a variety of druzy quartz-coated, brecciated agate from one specific location in Wyoming. This mineral is widely sought after due to its phenomenal, and chaotic, smattering of colors. It forms via brecciation, a process in which rock fragments are cemented together as silica rich waters form quartz around them. This accounts for youngite’s variety of colors including reddish-brown, sky blue, white, peach, and yellow-gold. This mineral is also extremely fluorescent under shortwave UV lighting. It will glow an acid-green color that is quite fantastic. In the raw, youngite is spectacular to behold, with its odd shapes and druzy quartz crust. Slabs of youngite are where this variety of agate truly shines, as you can see the wild, brecciated patterns in addition to the alien glow under UV.

Chalcedony var. Jasper/Agate
Guernsey, Platte County, Wyoming
8.4 x 6.8", up to .58" thick