Clearance Lot: Polished Ibis Jasper Stones - 37 Pieces

This is a wholesale lot of polished ibis jasper stones. You will receive the 37 pictured specimens that range from 1.3" to 2.3" wide.

Ibis jasper is the trade name for a colorful type of brecciated jasper found in Madagascar. This jasper is made up of broken, angular pieces of jasper in shades of brown, gray, and cream cemented together by geological processes to form a solid mass.

Breccias can form in several ways. Sometimes they form after weathering, which breaks apart the original rock. The pieces then accumulate at the base of an outcrop or maybe a stream deposit, where they become reburied and solidify back together, forming a solid rock. Other times volcanic processes like eruptions fracture rocks, and then over time these broken pieces resolidify together.

Ibis jasper gets its name because it has a similar color pallete to the Madagascar Ibis, a variety of long-legged waterfowl.
Chalcedony var. Jasper
Range from 1.3" to 2.3"