7" Calcite Stalactite Formation - Morocco

This is a truly beautiful specimen of calcite and white aragonite stalactitic formations. The calcite and aragonite look to have coated iron-rich mineral projections from the sloped ceiling of a cave, leaving the crystal coated matrix with a web-like appearance. Aragonite can be found seemingly bursting from what could be considered the side and top of the specimen, as well as a large flat chunk of red-orange matrix which makes up the "base".

Stalactites form when water, seeping through rock, reaches an opening such as a cave or tunnel. Once this mineral-rich water (calcite in this case) precipitates out of the rock wall/ceiling, it leaves behind a crystal as the precipitate builds with each drop of water.

Stalagmites are likely to form from this process as those drops land on a cave floor, since the drops from the ceiling will still contain high mineral content. As long as water keeps flowing, it will continue to precipitate into stalactites and stalagmites.
Calcite & Aragonite
7.0" long, 3.5" wide