10.3" Free-Standing, Polished Rhodonite Section - Northern B.C.

This is a 10.3" wide, cut/polished section of rhodonite (manganese carbonate) mined in northern British Columbia, Canada. Two edges and the face of the specimen have been polished to a mirror-finish, making for a beautiful, decorative piece. The backside of this specimen has been left rough.

This rhodonite section can stand nicely on one edge, measuring 7.5" tall in this position. Even though it can stand nicely on its own, it's accompanied by an acrylic display stand to assist with preferred presentation.

Rhodonite is well known among collectors for its beautiful pink and red color. The red variety can be so deep red that it rivals the color of Ruby. Rhodonite often has black manganese oxide veins running through a specimen, giving it the distinct appearance of pink with black crisscrossing lines and flower-like formations throughout.
Rhodonite with Manganese Oxide
Northern BC, Canada
10.3 x 7.3", up to 2.6" thick