12.3" Carved Grape Agate Cluster With Polished Skulls

We recently purchased a whole bunch of gorgeous grape agate from Indonesia. I saw this large, carved piece and thought it was so cool looking that I couldn't help myself and purchased it too.

It is a large, 12.3" wide cluster of Indonesian grape agate that has been hand-carved by local craftsmen. Four skulls have been carved into the piece, and the unpolished portion shows the natural, botryoidal grape agate. Much of the grape agate is covered in micro-quartz crystals giving the spheres a very sparkly appearance. The base of this sculpture is flat, allowing for aesthetic presentation without the need for a stand. A really one of a kind display piece, that took countless hours of work to create.

Grape agate is the name given to a purple botryoidal form of chalcedony found in the Batu Manakarra mining district on Indonesia's Sulawesi Island. It forms in clusters that often resemble bunches of small grapes, and colors can range from pale to deep purple and even green. Some specimens can be quite sparkly due to minute quartz crystal growing on the spheres. Grape agate is a relatively new material on the market, first exported from Indonesia around 2015.
Quartz var. Chalcedony
Batu Manakarra Mining District, Sulawesi, Indonesia
12.3 x 6 x 5.7"