Coquina Jasper (Calligraphy Stone) Worry Stones - 1.5" Size

These are small, polished, coquina jasper (calligraphy stone) worry stones. They average 1.5" wide, but are hand polished so some maybe slightly larger or smaller. The photos are representative of the specimen(s) you will recieve.

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Worry stones are smooth, polished stones, usually in the shape of an oval, with a thumb-sized indentation. They are often used by people for relaxation or anxiety relief purposes, the same way as some people use a fidget spinner. Typically, worry stones are 1 1/2 to 2" across. They may also be referred to as palm stones, thumb stones, fidget stones, etc.

Coquina Jasper is also known by the trade names "Arabic Script Jasper", "Elephant Skin Jasper", "Calligraphy Stone" or "Mariam Jasper". It is a fossiliferous, sedimentary rock mined from the Himalayan Mountains in India.

This stone started out as a silica-rich mud full of accumulated shell fragments known as a coquina. Coquina is actually the Spanish word for cockleshells or shellfish. Coquinas accumulate in high-energy marine where currents and waves result in the abrasion, fracturing, and sorting of the shells that compose them. Over time these shell fragments became fossilized and the silica rich mud turned into a jasper. The orange coloration is a result of iron oxidation.
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Coquina Jasper Worry Stone
Chalcedony var. Jasper
Himalayan Mountains, India
1.4 to 1.6" Wide