Holiday Fossil Gift Box - Large Size

This is a holiday fossil box that comes with eight different fossils. This would work great as a gift or even to add to your personal collection. Each box come nicely packaged and includes the following.

In each box includes:

1. 2 to 3" long Trilobite Fossil (Crotalocephalina, Paralejurus, Hollardops, Coltraneia, etc..)
2. Green River Fish Fossil (Knightia or Diplomystus)
3. 3"+ Ammonite Fossil (Douvilleiceras)
4. Fossil Spinosaurus Tooth
5. Mosasaur Tooth in Rock
6. Otodus Tooth in Rock
7. Polished Orthoceras Fossil
8. Gastropod Fossil Cluster in Rock

In addition to these fossils, you will also receive:

1. A Large Floating Frame Display Case with Stand
2. A FossilEra Trilobite Decal
3. A Code For $5 Off Next Purchase

We also have a $50 box available that includes smaller fossils.
Holiday Fossil Gift Box