Boedaspis Trilobite - Spectacular Preparation Sequence


This breathtaking and extremely rare Boedaspis trilobite is the product over nearly a month of work by an expert trilobite preparitor using airscribes and air abrasives under microscope. This amazing specimen is now listed for sale.
Putilovo Quarry in the St. Petersburg region of Russia where this trilobite was collected. Limestone is broken down looking for cross sections of the trilobites which are they glued back together and extracted from the matrix.
Two of the three pieces of rock containing the trilobite fossil glued back together. You can see a cross section of the left hand side of the body of the trilobite on the edge.
One of the "horns" of the trilobite has now been exposed.
Further exposing the horns and the axis of the trilobite using air tools.
Continuing to rough out the trilobite, primarily using air scribes. Even to this point, maybe a dozen of hours of work has gone into it.
The horns have been removed and will be attached at the end of the process. This saves a lot of time to prepare them seperately and you run the high risk of having an errand chip of rock knock them loose during preparation anyways.