12.2" Fossil Mosasaur (Eremiasaurus) Jaw Section

This a 12.2" long jaw section (yes, a real one) of the Mosasaur (Eremiasaurus heterodontus) from the phosphate deposits of Morocco. Only a few of the teeth are still in place, which is typically the case as the teeth tend to become separated from the jaw prior to fossilization. It's nicely prepared and the rock has been cut flat so it displays well on a flat surface. There is NO RESTORATION or compositing to the fossil, just a few repairs to the teeth.

It comes from the Upper Cretaceous, phosphate deposits in the Oulad Abdoun Basin of Morocco. There are many several types of Mosasaurs in these deposits but this one is Eremiasaurus heterodontus (LeBlanc, A.R.H., Caldwell, M.W. and Bardet, N. 2012).

You will see hundreds of purported Mosasaurus jaws and jaw sections available at rock shops, shows and online, but nearly 100% of them are fakes. They are crudely constructed using plaster or modern animal bones with real Mosasaurus teeth mounted in them. Real Mosasaur jaws with teeth still in place are fairly rare.
Eremiasaurus heterodontus
Oulad Abdoun Basin, Morocco
Phosphate Deposits
Jaw section 12.2" long
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