Two Fossil Leaves (Planera and Rhus)- Green River Formation, Utah

This is 2 well preserved fossil leaves from the Green River Formation, Uintah County, Utah. The . large leaf (Rhus) is 2.6" and the smaller (Planera) is 2.1". The dark color of the fossil stands out nicely against the gray stone. There is a third leaf that is possibly allophylum but there is not enough detail to determine identification with any certainty. Rhus are sumacs and Planera are waterelm. This specimen has a repaired crack.

While this formation is best known for well preserved fossil fish found in Wyoming, other sections of the formation contain a very diverse insect fauna.

Comes with an acrylic stand.
Rhus nigricans, Planera nervosa
Uintah County, Utah
Green River Formation
2.6" Rhus, 2.1" Planera, 5.3 x 4.2" rock
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