24" Hadrosaur (Duck-Billed Dinosaur) - Mounted As Found

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This specimen would great a make educational or museum display. It is a 24 inch long Hadrosaur (Duck-Billed dinosaur) tibia which is mounted as it was found in the field. The bone was found on the surface partially eroded out of the Judith River Formation of Montana. The bone and matrix around it was stabilized in the field, and in the lab the rock matrix was reinforced with plaster, and mounted inside a reclaimed wood frame.

Digital photos of the bone being excavated in the field are also included.

There are several known Hadrosaurs from this formation including Brachylophosaurus, Kritosaurus and Lambeosaurus, but the isolated bone can't accurately assign the isolated bone to one of these genus.

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North Central Montana
Two Medicine Formation, Judith River Group
Tibia 24" long, Entire Display 32x10"
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