3.1" Pleistocene Fossil Gastropod (Strombus) Shell Cast - France

This is an internal cast (fossil) of a gastropod (sea snail) fossil collected near Bacine du Rhone, France. It displays very well, as it is on it's original matrix that's packed full of various other shelled marine fossils. The base of the rock has been cut flat, allowing for aesthetic presentation without the need for a display stand.

Gastropods, which are more commonly referred to as snails, have been around since the Late Cambrian period. The class Gastropoda contains a vast total of named species, second only to the insects in overall number. There are 611 known families of gastropods, of which 202 families are extinct and appear only in the fossil record.

Strombus sp.
Bacine du Rhone, France
Gastropod: 3.1" long, Entire Specimen: 3.5 x 3.1"
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