.31" Raptor Tooth - Richardoestesia Characteristics

This tooth in particular shows morphology similar to that of Richardoestesia gilmorei. The typical Acheroraptor ridges are absent. It is .31" long with beautiful enamel, very defined serrations, and feeding wear on the anterior edge. It comes in an acrylic display case.

Many of the raptor teeth found in the Hell Creek Formation show morphological differences that are often attributed to taxon from other formations of different ages. Among those are Saurornitholestes, Richardoestesia gilmorei, Richardoestesia isosceles, and Paronychodon. Remains of all of these species are fragmentary and some known only from teeth, so evidence is lacking to definitively show that they were present in the formation.

The 2013 study concluded that Acheroraptor was the only dromaeosaurid from the Hell Creek Formation and that dromaeosaurid teeth that had been attributed to other taxa should be identified as Acheroraptor. Many other paleontologists that work on the Hell Creek Formation would dispute this finding though, but there needs to be more skeletal material found. That is why this tooth is labeled "cf. Richardoestesia"

cf. Richardoestesia? (Dromaeosaur)
Powder River County, Montana
Hell Creek Formation
.31" long (straightline)
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