6.4" False Saber-Toothed Cat (Dinictis) Skull - South Dakota

This is very rare find from the White River Formation of South Dakota, a complete skull of the "false saber-tooth cat", Dinictis squalidens. The skull measures 6.4" in length. It comes with a custom stand and base that the upper skull and mandible display on in articulated fashion.

Restoration in total is approximately 20% and includes most of the zygomatic arches on both sides. The anterior-most teeth (incisors) have all been restored on both the maxilla and mandible. The left canine in the maxilla is partially complete, with the tip of the tooth tooth and the remaining canines being entirely restored. There is some minor reconstruction restoration in various spots around the skull.

Although resembling big cats,‭ ‬Dinictis and Hoplophoneus (the second primary cat of the White River Formation) are actually of the family Nimravidae,‭ ‬more popularly known as the‭ ‘‬false saber-toothed cats‭’‬. ‬Like Smilodon which preceded them, these cats had very enlarged, saber-like canine teeth in their upper jaws. They are thought to have been ambush hunters which may have preyed upon primitive horses like Mesohippus and ruminant-like mammals like oreodonts.
Dinictis squalidens
Pennington County, South Dakota
White River Formation
Skull 6.4" long (straightline measurement)
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