7" False Saber-Tooth Cat (Hoplophoneus) Skull - South Dakota

This is very rare find from the White River Formation of South Dakota, a complete skull of a "false saber-tooth cat" (Hoplophoneus primaevus). The skull measures 7" in length, comes with a custom stand for display, and has some minimal restoration done to it.

Restoration is less than 5% and includes most of the zygomatic arch on one side, and part of the zygomatic arch on the other. Two of the small teeth at the very front of the skull and a few small crack fills round out the restoration on this specimen.

Although resembling a big cat,‭ ‬Hoplophoneus was actually one of the Nimravids,‭ ‬more popularly known as the‭ ‘‬false saber-toothed cats‭’‬.‭ ‬ Like Smilodon which preceded it they had very enlarged, saber-like canine teeth in the upper jaw.

The had a stocky body and short legs which would have allowed it to accelerate to top running speed quickly but would have also limited it's top speed. ‬For this reason Hoplophoneus is thought to have been an ambush hunter, which may have preyed upon primitive hourses like Mesohippus and Oreodonts.
Hoplophoneus primaevus (Leidy, 1851)
Pennington County, South Dakota
White River Formation
Skull 7" long (straightline measurement)
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