Double Kainops Specimen - Black Cat Mountain

This is a beautifully prepared double specimen of Kainops raymondi from famous Black Cat Mountain location near Clarita, Oklahoma. Doubles, particularly with both trilobites being prone are pretty rare finds. Both specimens are 1.35" long which is about average size for the species, and have been expertly prepared by Bob Carroll who's been preparing these trilobites for over 30 years. Their caramel colored shell contrasts well with the creme colored matrix and they have great detail including the many eye facets preserved in each eye.

There is a second very similar species found in the same layers called Paciphacops. The most easily identifiable, distinguishing feature is the number of eye facets. Kainops has many more eye facets than Paciphacops does.

The Black Cat Mountain Quarry produces a limited number of arguably the most beautiful trilobites in the United States each year. Each specimen is meticulously prepared by Bob Carroll under microscope to expose the smallest details. This is a very time consuming process taking many hours but yields spectacular results.
Kainops raymondi
Black Cat Mountain, Clarita, Oklahoma
Haragan Formation
Both 1.35" long
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