Erbenochile & Walliserops - One Of A Kind Association

This is a one-of-a-kind trilobite association from Foum zeguid, Morocco. There is a rare Erbenochile issoumourensis in natural association with a large Walliserops trifurcatus and two enrolled phacops. Given that both Erbenochile and Walliserops are quite rare trilobites to see them is close association is pretty much unheard of.

Erbenochile issoumourensis species has extraordinarily large eyes containing over 400 eye facets. The massive eyes allow full 360 degree coverage in the horizontal plane and were high enough to allow the trilobite to see backwards over its thorax.

There are two known species of Erbenochile and Erbenochile issoumourensis is distinguished from Erbenochile erbeni by several key features. Issoumourensis has a smaller number of eye facets, it does not have an "eye shade" extending laterally from the to of it's eyes, the spines of shorter, and the cephalon rounded triangular and without tubercles.

The preparation on this specimen is very nice, and there is only some minimal shell restoration to the front of the head of the Erbenochile where there was some shell weathering. Very detailed eye facets on both of the trilobites.
Erbenochile issoumourensis, Walliserops trifurcatus
Foum zeguid, Morocco
El Otfal Formation
Walliserops 3.9", Erbenochile 2"
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