Exceptional Wendyichthys - Bear Gulch Limestone

This is a gorgeous specimen of Wendyichthys, a member of the actinopterygian (Rhadinichthyiformes) from the Bear Gulch limestone of Montana. Specimens like this simply don't come up for sale very often. This specimen was acquired by a high-end collector back in the late 80's who is now narrowing the focus of his collections. Watch for more rare, one-of-a-kind fossil offerings from this collection in the next several days.

Rhadinichthyids are characterized by the key-hole shaped notch in the snout that is framed by the rostro-postrostral and antorbital bones. The function of this notch is uncertain. This fossil has amazing color and preservation, with clearly defined thick, rhomboidal (Ganoid) scales called Palaeoniscoid type. This 220 million year old specimen is about as perfect a representative of this subclass. Paleozoic Actinopterygii were generally very small fish and are known predominantly from poorly preserved remains. This fossil is exceptional regarding preservation.

While Actinopterygians represented just 33% of fish species in the Bear Gulch beds, but today's ray-finned fish constitute 97% of all living fish species.
Wendyichthys dicksoni
Fergus County Montana
Bear Gulch Member - Heath Formation
4.5” in length on a 6"x4.5" matrix
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