Extremely Rare Moroccan Lichid Acanthopyge

This is an EXTREMELY RARE lichid trilobite from Morocco, Acanthopyge. Real, non composited specimens are nearly impossible to acquire because not only are they rare, but they tend to be found disarticulated and the original locality was collected out years ago. This specimen is 3.25" long, has great shell preservation, and is covered in tiny pustules. It comes from the Marakib Formation near Jbel Issomour, Morocco.

Preparation photos of this specimen are included in the photo gallery. It was found slightly disarticulated with a small gap between the upper half and lower half of the body and the left genal spine back near the tail. These two halves were moved closer together and the genal spine moved during during preparation. It is NOT a composite of two different individuals. Total restoration is <2%

Beware: Due to the rarity/value of the trilobite, it's collectability and the fact it doesn't have free standing spines (making it easier to cast) this one of the most frequently faked trilobites out there. I've seen hundreds of fake specimens. In fact this is the first real example I've seen for sale in years that wasn't a composite of multiple individual trilobites.

The original locality for Acanthopyge was collected out many years ago, and there has only been a handful of complete specimens found at a new secret locality discovered in the past few years.
Acanthopyge sp.
Jbel Issomour, Morocco
Marakib Formation
3.25" long
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