Spectacular Russian Trilobite Hoplolichoides

Here is one of the most spectacular and desirable of the Russian trilobites, Hoplolichoides conicotuberculatus. It was collected in the Vilpovitsy quarry near St Petersburg Russia and prepared by one of their master trilobite prepers using air abrasives under high magnification.

This is a well inflated example of the trilobite order Lichida. It's 1.85 inches in length and the beautifully preserved calcite exoskeleton contrasts well against the white limestone matrix. The two axial spines are preserved and free standing along with many of the large conical tubercules along the trilobites back.

Like nearly all Russian trilobites there is some restoration but it is minor on this example, about 3-4%. This restoration is on several segments on the right side, near the axis. There is also some minor touchups on the tail and the very tip of one of the two axial spines is restored. There is matrix restoration done to fill in some gaps in the rock.

Photo of the Vilpovitsy quarry near St. Petersburg Russia where this trilobite was found.

Hoplolichoides conicotuberculatus
Vilpovitsy quarry, St. Petersburg region, Russia
Asery level
1.85" long
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