Hoploscaphites Ammonite Multiple Display

This is a beautiful Hoploscaphites nicoletti ammonite multiple from the Fox Hills Formation in South Dakota. There are 4 ammonites naturally associated on the piece as well as many other fossils. The largest of the ammonites is 2.3" wide and the matrix is 5 inches wide, 3 inches deep and 5 inches tall. Much of the shell shines with some iridescent hues of pinks and greens when the light hits it from the right angles.

These 70 million year old ammonites lived when South Dakota was a shallow inland sea. They were found preserved in a concretion that was split open. It then had to be hand prepared to remove the hard rock surrounding it from the shell, a very time consuming task. The results are superb though and this ammonite would make a very aesthetic display.
Hoploscaphites nicoletti
Corson County, South Dakota
Fox Hills Formation
Largest ammonite 2.3" wide
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