Lot: 7 Unidentified Dinosaur/Reptile Vertebrae (3-6") - Kem Kem Beds

This is a nice lot for someone who likes to do preparation, research and identification. These are 7 unidentified vertebrae with fairly intact processes from the Late Cretaceous Kem Kem Beds of Morocco. Most are probably dinosaurs but may also be crocodilian. These were "field prepped" but the villagers that primarily dig for dinosaur teeth in the formation.

There is still some sandstone matrix attached to parts of the vertebrae and the repair work has been crudely done with sand used to fill gaps. The gap filling actually looks pretty minimal compared to most material you see from the location, and on first glance they processes look all original (not composites). They range from 3" tall (including process) to over 6" I suspect a number of these will look quite nice with some TLC.

At the wholesale price, it's only $50 per vert. If cleaned up and identified they could easily sell for several times that. They have just been sitting on a shelf for some time, and we don't have the time to work on them.

The Kem Kem Group is famous for yielding a diverse Late Cretaceous vertebrate assemblage, including fish, reptiles, and dinosaurs such as Spinosaurus. These fossils are found in a thin bed that outcrops around the edge of a large plateau near Taouz, Morocco. Local miners collect these fossils by digging narrow tunnels by hand into this plateau, following the layer.

A paper on this assemblage can be found at: Vertebrate assemblages from the early Late Cretaceous of southeastern Morocco: An overview

One of the tunnels dug into the Kem Kem beds by local miners following the productive fossil beds.
One of the tunnels dug into the Kem Kem beds by local miners following the productive fossil beds.
Near Taouz, Morocco
Kem Kem Beds
3 to 6.2" tall
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