Primo 3.05" Dicranurus From Black Cat Mountain

Dicranurus is a rare trilobite in the Haragan Formation with only a few complete specimens being found at the Black Cat Mountain Quarry in a year, but one this nice only comes along once every several years. This magnificent example was collected a decade ago and prepared by Bob Carroll. I haven't seen a specimen this nice come out of the quarry in several years.

It's huge for the species at 3.05" long, laid out perfectly prone with no disarticulation which is typical with these trilobites. The caramel colored shell contrasts well against the light matrix and the distinctive "ram horns" have been prepared free standing. The ONLY restoration on the trilobite is the very tip of the right genal spine, though there is a quite a bit of repair work done to the matrix. Given that Bob won't be working this quarry more than a few more seasons, there may not be another one found this nice at Black Cat Mountain.
Dicranurus elegans
Black Cat Mountain, Clarita, Oklahoma
Haragan Formation
3.05" long on
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