Rare, 1.1" Carboniferous Fish (Rhizodus) Tooth - Scotland

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This is a rare and very nice tooth of the Carboniferous fish Rhizodus. It's 1.1" long and was left in place in the rock it was found in.

Rhizodus was a giant apex predator that resided in freshwater lakes, river systems and large swamps in the entire Carboniferous period, feeding on small to medium-sized amphibians, using its teeth to kill prey and rip it into digestible sizes, rather than swallowing prey whole like other, smaller-toothed sarcopterygians. Fossil skin imprints show that Rhizodus had large, plate-like scales, similar to those found on modern day arapaima.
Rhizodus hibberti
Niddrie, Edinburgh, Scotland
1.1" long
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