Spiny Drotops Armatus Trilobite - 5.2"

This is a top quality specimen of the super spiny phacopid trilobite, Drotops armatus. With somewhere around 100 free standing spines it would have been a very unappetizing dinner for it's predators.

This specimen is pretty good sized at over 5" long and very nicely prepared. It has a beautiful, multi-toned shell coloration ranging from black to almost an orange. This is likely due to one side of the trilobite being closer to a fault in the rock, so the elements water/heat affected the fossil differently. The rock around it has been nicely sculpted so that it displays aesthetically on a pedestal of limestone.

The spines are real, and the restoration is pretty minimal, mostly just shell touchups around cracks and airscribe from preparation. The bulk of it is one the left hand edge of the thorax, pleural tips just behind the head

Drotops armatus
Mrakib, Morocco
Bon Dib Formation
5.2" long (if oustretched
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