Two Lonchodomas & Two Asaphellus Trilobites - Morocco

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This is a really cool, natural association of four, orange colored, Lower Ordovician trilobites from Morocco. There is a pair of Lonchodomas trilobites along with a pair of Asaphellus. The natural, orange/red coloration is caused by the oxidization of iron pyrite which originally preserved the trilobites. Lonchodomas, formerly Ampyx has a distinctive, elongated rostrum and sweeping genal spines, which may have both helped to deter predators as well as providing more surface around to keep it on top of the mud. The very tips of the spines of the Lonchodomas have some restoration work to them.

Lonchodomas sp, Asaphellus sp.
Zagora area, Morocco
Largest Trilobite .8", Rock 5.4x2.6
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