Very Unusual Pelagic Trilobite Cyclopyge - HUGE EYES

This is a very unusual trilobite, which is really rare to find complete, Cyclopyge. What makes Cyclopyge so unusual is that it's a pelagic (or free swimming) trilobite which lived in the water column, rather than on the sea floor. This is also one of the reasons it's so rarely preserved as a fossil.

It's has gigantic eyes on the side (not the top) of it's head which would have provided it with a great view looking to the sides and downwards. Most trilobites that lived on the sea floor did not have a need to look downwards.

The eye facets in the left eye of this specimen are well defined though this detail can not be seen in the right eye. Still it's highly unusual to find a specimen of this trilobite complete.
Cyclopyge sp.
Alnif, Morocco
1.3" long
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