Wholesale Lot: Bargain, 2-3" Pedinopariops Trilobites - 15 Pieces

This is a wholesale lot of 15 bargain Pedinopariops trilobite fossils quarried near Mrakib, Morocco. Most are partially enrolled but they would range from 1.5 to 4" long if outstretched with most over 2" long.

Despite the inexpensive price, these are real trilobite fossils. The preparation is just pretty rough leaving scratches on the shell, many have areas of missing shell and/or significant shell restoration. You can still see tiny eye facets preserved on many of the specimens.

At the wholesale price, these trilobites are only $12 each and they would be great as gifts or for resale.
Pedinopariops sp.
Mrakib, Morocco
Bou Dib Formation
1.5 to 4" long (if outstretched)