1.8" Amethyst Crystal - Las Vigas, Mexico

This is a stunning amethyst crystal cluster from Las Vigas, Mexico. There are several beautiful crystals with nice terminations protruding at multiple angles.

Las Vigas amethyst crystals are found in several locations around the Piedra Parada village within Veracruz, Mexico. The crystals are contained inside solid vesicles within various andesite rock formations throughout the mountainous region. Several mines operate throughout the andesitic rock formations, including La Cascada, La Callejones, El Bordo, La Flor, Ensenal, Los Volcanes, Torrecellas, La Mina Grande, and La Loma. These mines are worked by the owners of the land and the villagers of the region, making up the majority of their income. Most of these mines are only accessible through old hiking trails.
Quartz var. Amethyst
Las Vigas, Mexico
Cluster 1.8 x 1", longest point 1.46"