1.9" Axinite & Epidote Crystal Cluster - Peru

This is an axinite crystal cluster that was collected from the Canta Province of Peru. There is an association of green epidote crystals.

Epidote is a green, silicate mineral that is commonly found in regionally metamorphosed rocks. It often forms lustrous, elongated and interconnected crystals that are highly coveted by collectors. While nearly all epidote is green it may take on many different shades and tones from yellowish to deep green.

Axinite is a mineral belonging to the silicates group, with three possible mineral compositions under the axinite group. The inclusive formula, encompassing all possible mineral member combinations is (Ca,Fe,Mg,Mn)3Al2BSi4O15(OH), where the presence of one listed alkaline or transitional element will effect the structure and colors displayed by the axinite crystal. It typically forms thin, sharp triclinic crystals, with colors ranging anywhere from a light yellow brown, to various shades of blue and green.
Axinite & Epidote
Canta, Canta Province, Lima Department, Peru
1.9" long, 1.3" tall