59" Polished, Indigo Gabbro Mosaic Table Top - Clearance Item

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This is not a item we normally carry, but we ended up with a couple of these table tops when we bought about 40 tons of polished Madagascar material being liquidated.

It is a 59 x 31", mosaic, indigo gabbro table top. Indigo gabbro, also known as "Merlinite", is a mineral conglomerate that occurs in Madagascar. The typical colors of this basalt rock is a deep indigo-purple and black.

It is a mosaic meaning it is not one solid piece of indigo gabbro but rather, smaller pieces that have been composited together with epoxy filling the spaces in between. There is some very slight roughness where the sections are indigo gabbro are set in epoxy, so the surface is not totally smooth. It looks great but could probably be repolished or a clear epoxy added to the surface to smooth out this roughness.

The only comparable table tops we could find being sold, presumably made by the same manufacturer, have price tags of $4-5k on them.
Indigo Gabbro
59" long, 31.3" wide, 1" thick